The party had been contracted by the Hucrele family to find out what happened to two people.

   Talgen Hucrele (fighter) and Sharwyn Hucrele (magic-user)
Their mother Kerowyn Hucrele has offered 125 gp per person for the return of their signet rings (showing that they are dead) or 250 gp per person if the party can bring them back alive and well.

The party

Zozan the barbarianEmployed by the Hucrele familySarah
Rannos the clericSent by Dabin to help searchDarrel
Garret the rogueOut for the cashAnde
Laucian the paladinSent to look for Sir BradfordChris F.
Marcus the rangerHired to guide the partyJean-Luc
Gregory the wizardSearching for more magicChris B.
Festus the druidTrying to find his cousin ErkyJoshua


Being young and inexperienced, you have been able to secure only simple jobs for the last several months. Most recently, you have been employed as a caravan guard for the Hucrele family of merchants. The pay hasn't been outstanding, but the work has been easy (a couple of bandits here the occasional orc raiding party there, nothing to write home about). You have just returned from a long boring trip to the village of Three Pines to bring back wool and other trade goods. Upon your return you are requested to come to the manor house. There you are escorted to a large sitting room (where you are instructed "Please don't sit on anything."). There are several other people in the room with you.

Elf Paladin

While traveling in your homeland (the forest of T'el Velon) you were struck with the need to head east into Andelar. Knowing that Paladin's seldom choose (or even know) where they are going or why. You follow your instincts and the prodding of your god. Eventually you find yourself in the human port town of Edgewater. Here you are drawn to the temple of Heironeous. Upon entering you are noticed immediately. A priest approaches you and introduces himself as Dabin. It seems you have been expected (or at least a paladin was expected, an elf is still a surprise though). When you attempt to inquire what need there is here for you, Dabin explains that a paladin of this temple (Sir Bradford) left on a misson a month ago and has fallen prey to some evil. Dabin says that he is alive but Heironeous no longer hears him. You have been selected by the gods to find Sir Bradford and save him or give him release from the evil that holds him. When pressed for details, Dabin simply smiles and gives you a letter of introduction and instructs you to take it to the house of the Hucrele family. He tells you that your questions will be made clear there.

Gnome Druid

Two days ago you recieved a letter from your Aunt Kiri. It seems that your cousin Erky (Erky Timbers) left home for the city of Edgewater 3 months ago and hasn't sent word that he arrived safely. This doesn't surprise you since Erky has been known to get lost in his own backyard. Your Aunt being the worrying type she has asked you to check up on him. He was supposed to be working for some merchant by the name of Hucrele in Edgewater, which is only a days travel from your grove. You have no problem finding the Hucrele residense, and inquire about your cousin's where abouts. In response you are escorted to a nice sitting room where you are provided with refreshments and asked to wait for Lady Kerowyn, who will answer your questions.

Erky Timbers gnome Ftr 1/ Clc 1 Wrote you some time ago saying he was going to be coming down your way seeking his fortune.