Character Notes for D&D 



Being young and inexperienced, you have been able to secure only simple 
jobs for the last 
several months.  Most recently, you have been employed as a caravan 
guard for the Hucrele 
family of merchants.  The pay hasn't been outstanding, but the work has 
been easy (a couple 
of bandits here the occasional orc raiding party there, nothing to 
write home about).  You 
have just returned from a long boring trip to the village of Three 
Pines to bring back wool 
and other trade goods.  Upon your return you  are requested to come to 
the manor house.  
There you are escorted to a large sitting room (where you are 
instructed "Please don't sit 
on anything.").  There are several other people in the room with you.   

Elf Paladin

While traveling in your homeland (the forest of T'el Velon) you were 
struck with the need to head 
east into Andelar.  Knowing that Paladin's seldom choose (or even know) 
where they are going or
why.  You follow your instincts and the prodding of your god.  
Eventually you find yourself in the 
human port town of Edgewater.  Here you are drawn to the temple of 
Heironeous.  Upon entering
you are noticed immediately.  A priest approaches you and introduces 
himself as Dabin. It seems
you have been expected (or at least a paladin was expected,  an elf is 
still a surprise though).  
When you attempt to inquire what need there is here for you, Dabin 
explains that a paladin of this 
temple (Sir Bradford) left on a misson a month ago and has fallen prey 
to some evil.  Dabin says 
that he is alive but Heironeous no longer hears him.  You have been 
selected by the gods to find 
Sir Bradford and save him or give him release from the evil that holds 
him.  When pressed for 
details, Dabin simply smiles and gives you a letter of introduction and 
instructs you to take it 
to the house of the Hucrele family.  He tells you that your questions 
will be made clear there.  

Gnome Druid

Two days ago you recieved a letter from your Aunt Kiri.  It seems that 
your cousin Erky (Erky 
Timbers) left home for the city of Edgewater 3 months ago and hasn't 
sent word that he arrived 
safely.  This doesn't surprise you since Erky has been known to get 
lost in his own backyard.  
Your Aunt being the worrying type she has asked you to check up on him.  
He was supposed to be 
working for some merchant by the name of Hucrele in Edgewater, which is 
only a days travel from 
your grove.  You have no problem finding the Hucrele residense, and 
inquire about your cousin's 
where abouts.  In response you are escorted to a nice sitting room 
where you are provided with 
refreshments and asked to wait for Lady Kerowyn, who will answer your 

Erky Timbers gnome Ftr 1/ Clc 1    Wrote you some time ago saying he 
was going to be coming down
your way seeking his fortune.


You have heard rumors around Edgewater that the Hucrele family is 
looking for some people to perform
some service.  Having no other pressing matters at this time, you 
present yourself at the gates of 
the manor and inquire about the job.  A servant escorts you to a 
sitting room where several other 
people are waiting. In a few moments three people enter the room.


Race Info





Nation	:  Kingdom of Andelar.
Ruler  	:  King Feris the Wise
Pop.	:  50,000 (mixed human, demi human, non-human)

Basic map of kingdoms location 
|				 		    |
|	      White Fang Mountains		    |
|						    |
|  Forest of 	   Kingdom of	      Wolf Steppes  |
|  T'el Velon	     Andelar			    |		
|						    |
|	          Southern Sea			    |
|                         			    |

Cities			Towns				Villages
Stonemount*		Oakhurst			Three Pines
Edgewater		Irontown			Rocky Ford


Hucrele Family: 
	Talgen	: Son / fighter / missing
	Sharwyn	: daughter / wizard / missing
	Kerowyn	: matriarch, hires characters to find her grandchildren
	Ramgen 	: father of Talgen and Sharwyn
	Calawyn	: mother of Talgen and Sharwyn
Temple of Heironeous: 
	Sir Bradford 	: Lost paladin 
	Dabin		: High Priest

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Where were we?

The party:

   Character                Hook                               Player
   Zozan the barbarian	    Employed by the Hucrele family     Sarah
   Rannos the cleric        Sent by Dabin to help search       Darrel
   Garret the rogue         Out for the cash                   Ande
   Laucian the paladin      Sent to look for Sir Bradford      Chris F.
   Marcus the ranger        Hired to guide the party           Jean-Luc
   Gregory the wizard       Searching for more magic           Chris B.
   Festus the druid         Trying to find his cousin Erky     Joshua

The party had been contracted by the Hucrele family to find out what 
happened to two people.

   Talgen Hucrele (fighter) and Sharwyn Hucrele (magic-user)
Their mother Kerowyn Hucrele has offered 125 gp per person for the 
return of their signet rings (showing that they are dead) or 250 gp 
per person if the party can bring them back alive and well.  

Creatures / People of Note:

   Twig Blights   - small sticklike creatures 
   Belak          - a strange person who passed through years ago
		    (the missing people were interested in him)
   Gulthias Tree  - An evil tree you have learned about from the 
   		    goblins which bears enchanted fruit.

Notable Items Found/Recovered etc:
	1 signet ring (Tagen's)
	1 suit of scale mail
	1 white dragon hide
	  various amounts of money (we can esimate here when done)

What has happened so far: ( the very abrieviated version )

After venturing out into the Ashen Plain (and it's real ash too!) for
severy days the party tracked (Marcus) the missing pair and their party
to a ravine.  The ravine showed signs of goblins in the area.  The 
party lowered themselves into the ravine where they found an old temple
that had sunk deep into the ground ages ago.  (Probably when the dragon
Ashardalon was defeated.)  

Fighting some minor skirmishes with some of the local vermin (giant 
rats, skeletons etc.) the party advanced into the temple.  In due time
they came upon a pitiful kobold named Mepo.  Mepo had been the keeper 
of the kobold "mascot" a young white dragon, but goblins had stolen 
the dragon and now Mepo was out of favor with the ruling kobold.  Mepo
asked the party to help him in return for save passage through kobold 
territory, and he took them to see his ruler the great Yusdrayl.  The 
kobold leader offered the party a reward if they could find and return
the dragon.  One item of note was the key clenched in a dragons mouth
behind the throne of the kobold leader.  (You had seen a keyhole in 
a dragon's mouth earlier.)

To make a long story short (too late), the dragon is dead.  His hide is 
currently gracing Zozan's backpack.  Mepo is also dead; killed by the
dragon who really didn't like him much.  So there is no way to claim 
the reward from the kobolds (at least not without some disagreement).

While venturing in the goblin areas the party came across a prison 
where Festus found his wayward cousin Erky Timbers.  A brief reunion
then off again.  Continuing to track the lost adventurers through the 
temple the group encountered the goblin leader (Durnn) and his 
henchment.  After defeating them, you found one of the signet rings
you were to return for the reward (Talgen's) and his scale mail also.

You decended through a well in the middle of the chamber of the goblin
leader to the lower levels of the temple.  The area abounds with 
luminous fungus which provides light.  At the current time, you have 
defeated the bugbear who was guarding this passage into the lower halls 
and are faced with two doors.  Behind the eastern door some odds sounds
can be heard.  The southern door is quiet.  

Note: there are actually several area's in the upper level where the
      party has not gone.