What has happened so far: ( the very abrieviated version )

After venturing out into the Ashen Plain (and it's real ash too!) for severy days the party tracked (Marcus) the missing pair and their party to a ravine. The ravine showed signs of goblins in the area. The party lowered themselves into the ravine where they found an old temple that had sunk deep into the ground ages ago. (Probably when the dragon Ashardalon was defeated.)

Fighting some minor skirmishes with some of the local vermin (giant rats, skeletons etc.) the party advanced into the temple. In due time they came upon a pitiful kobold named Mepo. Mepo had been the keeper of the kobold "mascot" a young white dragon, but goblins had stolen the dragon and now Mepo was out of favor with the ruling kobold. Mepo asked the party to help him in return for save passage through kobold territory, and he took them to see his ruler the great Yusdrayl. The kobold leader offered the party a reward if they could find and return the dragon. One item of note was the key clenched in a dragons mouth behind the throne of the kobold leader. (You had seen a keyhole in a dragon's mouth earlier.)

To make a long story short (too late), the dragon is dead. His hide is currently gracing Zozan's backpack. Mepo is also dead; killed by the dragon who really didn't like him much. So there is no way to claim the reward from the kobolds (at least not without some disagreement).

While venturing in the goblin areas the party came across a prison where Festus found his wayward cousin Erky Timbers. A brief reunion then off again. Continuing to track the lost adventurers through the temple the group encountered the goblin leader (Durnn) and his henchment. After defeating them, you found one of the signet rings you were to return for the reward (Talgen's) and his scale mail also.

You decended through a well in the middle of the chamber of the goblin leader to the lower levels of the temple. The area abounds with luminous fungus which provides light. At the current time, you have defeated the bugbear who was guarding this passage into the lower halls and are faced with two doors. Behind the eastern door some odds sounds can be heard. The southern door is quiet.

Note: there are actually several area's in the upper level where the
      party has not gone.