GURPS: Bunnies and Burrows
Sample Player Characters

This table is still very much under construction! So are the PC rabbits listed here, although all of them are almost finished.

Rabbit Points Type HTML TXT GCA Source More
Oakroot 100 Warren Watch     oakroot.gca GURPS: B&B (p119)
Sprig 100       sprig.gca GURPS: B&B (p120)
Rasberry 100   rasberry.htm rasberry.txt rasberry.gca GURPS: B&B (p121)
Stripe 100       stripe.gca GURPS: B&B (p122)
Chamonile 100       chamomil.gca GURPS: B&B (p123) Herb List
Confrey         confrey.gca GURPS: B&B (p124)
Nimble         nimble.gca Steffan O'Sulivan's FUDGE examples.
Slipper         slipper.gca Steffan O'Sulivan's FUDGE examples.
Patches 112 Hoplite patches.htm patches.txt patches.gca Somewhere on the web.
Foxtail   Herbalist     foxtail.gca Erin at DunDraCon 1996 Herb List