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Science News - updated 6:13 PM ET Oct 6
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Friday October 6 8:07 AM ET
French Scientists Hopping Mad Over GM Rabbit French Scientists Hopping Mad Over GM Rabbit

PARIS (Reuters) - Like any protective parents, French scientists have refused to give a genetically modified rabbit they created to a Chicago artist who wants to display the animal as a work of art.

Moreover, they deny the artist's assertion that the she-rabbit, named Alba, is green -- although they acknowledge that she does give off verdant hues under certain conditions.

``This rabbit is not green. Under blue light, this white rabbit's eyes may appear slightly green and its fur may present some tinges,'' said French agricultural research institute INRA, which developed Alba.

INRA scientists inserted a jellyfish gene into Alba when she was an embryo. As a result, her cells glow like a jellyfish when they are examined under a microscope in blue light, the institute said.

An INRA spokeswoman explained that the Chicago artist, Eduardo Kac, learned about Alba during a conversation with one of the scientists who helped develop her.

But the spokeswoman said there was no question of allowing Kac to exhibit Alba as a kind of performance-art pet.

``He wanted to put her in a cage but that's not possible. An animal of this type is a lab animal. You can't parade her around like that,'' the spokeswoman said.

``INRA never gave that idea the green light,'' she added.

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