Commonly asked questions and answers:

When is the baby due?

Sept. 11

How does Sarah feel?

Blah, but things have been getting a little better recently. Sarah often says that she feels "like I have an incubater inside me".

Is it a boy or a girl? Do you know? Will you find out?

We don't know. We will find out. We will tell you, if you ask, once we know.

Most people seem to assume the baby will be a boy, but Joshua is predicting a girl.

March 14 update: The baby's heart rate is about 155. The Dr. reports an "old wives" tale that 150+ are girls, while 120+ are boys. The doctor reports that heart rate correctly predicts the baby's sex in 50% of the cases, so Joshua's early prediction looks good! :-)

What does the baby look like?

As of Feb 7, the baby looked like a little white blob.

As of March 14, the baby looked like two slightly bigger blobs, with feet and arms (if you look carefully). The head is on the left and slightly below the body.

What will the baby be named?

We don't know yet, and don't plan on telling anyone, anyway, until the baby is born. Until then, you can use the name "Baby Poopsie".

How many children do you plan to have?

One. the ultrasounds are quite clear about that.
Oh, you mean in the future? We plan to have this baby first, and see about future babies in the future.

Do you intend to raise the baby as a Mac user or a PC user?

PC user.

Required Reading for Joshua:

Dave Barry's Babies and other hazzards of Sex.
What the heck were you expecting?

Required Reading for Sarah:

The Girlfriend's guide to pregnacy
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Feb. 7

March 14