Last updated: April 13, 2000
Next expected update: Early May

Commonly asked questions and answers:

When is the baby due?

Sept. 6-10

How does Sarah feel?

Better than the first trimester! She sometimes feels tired, but rarely feels sick or nausious. Sarah often says that she feels "like I have an incubater inside me".

Is it a boy or a girl? Do you know? Will you find out?

The baby is a girl. This is known via amnio, so is certain.

What does the baby look like?

As of Feb 7, the baby looked like a little white blob.

As of March 14, the baby looked like two slightly bigger blobs, with feet and arms (if you look carefully). The head is on the left and slightly below the body.

As of April 2, the baby looked slightly bigger, and (with the help of a bigger ultrasound machine) we could see head, brain, body, heart (all four valves pumping), feet, legs, lips, etc. Although, to an untrained eye, it is hard to see a baby in there.

What will the baby be named?

We are not saying, until the baby is born. Until then, you can use the name "Baby Poopsie".

How many children do you plan to have?

One. The ultrasounds are quite clear about that.
Oh, you mean in the future? We plan to have this baby first, and see about future babies in the future.

Do you intend to raise the baby as a Mac user or a PC user?

PC user.

Required Reading for Joshua:

Dave Barry's Babies and other hazzards of Sex.
What the heck were you expecting?
The Baby Wisperer by Tracy Hogg

Required Reading for Sarah:

The Girlfriend's guide to pregnacy by Vicki Iovine
What to expect when you're expecting


(You can click on each picture to see a larger version.)

Feb. 7

March 14

April 2

This is the upper body and head. The baby is on it's side, looking at you, with her hands on either side of her head, like the painting 'the scream'.
The baby is in the same position as above, but you see less. The bright white is her forhead. Her eye sockets look large because she has no fat on her body yet. (That comes later.)
This is the left foot. The brightest white part is the shin, and you can see some toes and a heel.

The story of Baby Poopsie: Joshua and Sarah met in college, where one of Joshua's roommates was an alcoholic. Being an alcoholic, he had great trouble remembering his girlfriend's name. So, he called her "poopsie". However, that only helped him a little, because he couldn't remember anyone else's name either. So, he took to calling all his roommates "poopsie" and all their girlfriends "poopsie", and everyone else who was in the appartment was also called "poopsie". This was good for the alcoholic: he could remember everyone's name, because everyone was "poopsie". So Joshua and Sarah were both "poopsies". Years later (actually, decades later...) Joshua and Sarah still call each other poopsie, and their baby (at least until a name is given) is "baby poopsie". How sweet!