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Welcome to the Fish Information Portal by Joshua Levy

If you know a common name for the fish: enter it on the left, and press "i" botton next to the common name. Hopefully this will give you the scientific name to enter. Searching works much better with scientific names, but you can search with common names.

If you know the scientific name for the fish you want information on: enter it on the left, and press the buttons to get the information you want. If you are not sure if you have the up-to-date name, then start by clicking "i" button next to the species name. Clicking "i" will also give you the "SpecCode" number, which you should cut-n-paste into the field on the left if you want to search fishbase.

Once you have the scientific name: press on the buttons on the left to search different web sites and services to find information about that species. Results will be displayed in this browser pane (usually), but sometimes will take over the whole browser.

Buttons with '?' on them sometimes have no data, especially for less common species.
Buttons with '!' are my personal favorites.
Buttons with '*' take over the whole browser. Use the back button to return here.

If you want to see these instructions again, click on the 'help' button.

Note that the Fishbase buttons and the [i] buttons (which use Fishbase) are sometimes a little slow.
Also remember that if your common name and species and "SpecCode" refer to different species, the results can be confusing. Please make sure these match.

Below here is material still under development.

FAQ: Below are some commonly asked questions about this page.

Does this page keep any personal information about the people who use it?

Where does the this page search for information?
Lots of places, as you can tell from the button names. The main places are: Dogpile, Google, Yahoo, Fishbase, FINS, Aquabid, Wikipedia.

How can I help make this page better?
There are lots of ways you can make this web page better in the future!

  1. If you know of a web page or service which has great information on aquarium fish, tell me about it! A great web page or service is one with information on may different species of fish, with it's own search button (which works well). Those are the pages that I can hook into this portal.
  2. Tell me which button in the same section gave you a better result. Did Google have better photos than Yahoo or Dogpile? Was it the other way around?
  3. Tell me queries that didn't work.

How can I tell the difference between a good web site and a bad one? How do I know if they information in the web sites found here is accurate or not?

Some Notes about Data Sources

Fishbase: a fish research organization funded by European countries, but run out of the Philipeans.



10-Oct-2005 release