Formatting Locations

Jennie Goodwin wrote:
>First question.  Most people use the standard location
>structure, I assume:  city, county, state, country.
>Wht do you suggest for places, like hospitals,
>churches, cemeteries?  Before the city or after the

A common question, asked often, answered in *many* different ways.

For myself, I've decided on putting the special place in parentheses 
the City, which is pretty much the same as using a hyphen. Examples 
would be:

   McMinnville (Evergreen Memorial Park), Yamhill County, Oregon, 
United States
   Portland (St. Vincents Hospital), Multnomah County, Oregon, United 

My reasoning for using Locations with Special Places in parentheses 
the City:

1. I don't use events for locations. In a database sense, repeatedly 
storing something that gets repeated many times over (an event) is bad. 
example, if you use events to specify cemeteries and want to add some 
information about a particular cemetery, where are you going to put 
information? You need to add it to the event for each person who uses 

2. I don't use the solution that separates a Special Place with a comma 
because the vast majority of my Locations do not have a Special Place 
them; that would require me to include an extra comma in the majority 
of cases.

3. I don't use the solution that places the special place after the 
because the special place is almost certainly most closely related to 
City and not the County, State, or Country.

4. I use parentheses because they provide both an opening and closing 
symbol around the Special Place where the hyphen only provides an 
symbol. I believe others may make the opposite choice because the 
hyphen is 
less intrusive.

Dennis Nichols