Jennifer (Melbourne, Australia) wrote:
>I would be interested to hear how others format their Immigration 
>I have several of these and have not yet come up with a format I am
>completely happy with.
>What, for example, would go in Description? Or would it be better to
>leave that out?
>I would be grateful to hear what others do.
Cathy (Western Australia) replied:
I put the Ship Name in the Description Field
Date of arrival in the Date and Port of arrival in the Place.
If I know embarkation date and port, I add that to the Event notes. 
Also in 
the notes I put any information I have gleaned about the ship or the 

Rich in LA CA replied:
Here is mine. [HeShe] immigrated from [Desc] [onDate] [toPlace]. In the 
description I state who came with, and from where.  Here is the 
Description for my grandfather 'Lensvik with brothers Ole and Guttorm 
It comes out saying 'Anton immigrated from Lensvik, with brothers Ole 
and Guttorm Charles in 1922 to Iron Mountain, Dickinson County, 
Michigan, USA'.