Player's Introduction to "Ground Zero"

You are the crew for the "swing" shift at KZERO a semi-pirate radio station.

Your goals are simple:

  1. Have the station in good working order when the morning crew gets in at 12 noon.
  2. Make sure the station runs well during your shift, 6 AM to 12 noon.
  3. It is that easy!

This adventure is designed for use in the Cyberpunk world of Snowcrash.

This adventure can be played by almost any number of players, 3-8. A mix of techs, medias, and solos, with a smattering of other types is best.

Possible Characters

Below are a list of possible characters, grouped by function. Feel free to choose one of these, or create your own:

Less Likely Character

The tech could be filled by an AI or a flatline construct, such as AIGUARD [GCA].

Security could be filled by a robot or cyborg, but those are not really part of Snowcrash.

Common Character Traits

There are no "required skills" or anything like that for player character in this senario. However, the guidelines below are helpful.

Common Advantages

Ally Group (The Pirate Radio People)

Famous (on-air personalities only)

Common Disadvantages


Common Skills

Radio Production (obviously)

Audio/Radio/Electronic Engineering

Toys and Complications

This section describes various gadgets, toys, and other complications which one or more of the player characters might have.