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>> Thread: False Police Claims of Protestor Violence
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Subject:Re: False Police Claims of Protestor Violence
Author: Mr. Yak Milk <>

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I'm most frightened that they used the excuse of "there might be a terrorist nuke attack at any time" to activate the regular army to go join national guard and state police, fbi and assorted other three letter paramilitary groups.
  Meanwhile George Bush and Al Gore each outdo each other on
how much extra budget they're proposing for "more cops." We've seen more cops under clinton justabout every six months,
but the tens of thousands. Crime seems to statisticly plummet if you read the corporate owned newspapers, yet violent deaths
seem to be rising an awful lot. Especially if you factor in all the lynchings in the deep south, and the couple a week that George Bush murders.
  As for Al Gore? Well he and Lieberman are both pro deathpenalty as well.
This police state is no longer in the larval stage, people.
The only thing that hasn't been fully implemented is calling it
"New Order." They've danced circles around that for a couple decades now. We're in for a world of hurt.
I feel like Dostoyevski penning Notes from the underground.
Too bad I don't have a hideously ugly girlfriend who likes to sex me two or three times a day.
On Sat, 12 Aug 2000 00:22:04 GMT, Dan Clore
<> wrote:
>Source: Los Angeles Independent Media Center
>August 9, 2000
>Unrestrained Stories: False Police Claims of Protestor
>A disturbing trend is developing regarding police pre-emptive
>response to mass protest. In numerous situations since WTO
>protests in Seattle in late 1999, police have issued
>misinformation claiming unsubstantiated evidence of violent
>plans by protestors gathering for mass actions.
>Tim Ream - 8/10/00
>A disturbing trend is developing regarding police pre-emptive
>response to mass protest. In numerous situations since WTO
>protests in Seattle in late 1999, police have issued
>misinformation claiming unsubstantiated evidence of violent
>plans by protestors gathering for mass actions. The false
>information is then used as a pretext for unwarranted police
>The misinformation concerning protestor plans have ranged from
>chemical weapons to bomb-making. None of the numerous claims of
>violent plans have been substantiated. Nonetheless, many media
>outlets appear to have been predisposed to repeat information
>provided by police without fact-checking or seeking responses
>from the organizations accused. The damage to free speech and
>the mass protest movement has been extensive.
>Mass protest of government policies on this continent is at
>least as old as the property destruction that characterized the
>Boston Tea Party, involving hundreds of activists in 1773.
>Since the anti-war protest of the 1960ís and anti-nuclear protests
>of the 1970ís, few instances of mass protest have garnered national
>media attention. That situation changed radically on November 30,
>1999 when activists from around the globe shut down Seattle
>meetings of the World Trade Organization (WTO). This story garnered
>widespread international attention; fueled further by the violent
>police response to peaceful protestors, the declaration of a
>no-protest zone and millions of dollars worth of property
>destruction to multinational corporate buildings in the city center.
>The Seattle Police Department reputation was damaged severely by
>officersí lack of control and brutal response in the streets. In
>the protestís wake, Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper quickly
>resigned. Police departments charged with preventing similar
>disruptions in their cities since the Seattle actions have
>scrambled to find ways to prevent mass protest.
>A disturbing pattern of response has appeared over the last six
>months. It is loosely characterized by three steps. First, police
>departments, often in conjunction with city government, begin a
>multi-faceted media campaign designed to make protest organizers

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