Help with the Index of GURPS Characters

I'm always looking for people to help me find and index GURPS characters. To make sure you are not duplicating someone else's work, please email me, and I will suggest a web site for you to index, as you have time. When you email me back the index information, then I'll send you another one. You should be able to index about 20 characters per hour. So indexing 50 characters is an evening's work.

The indexing software I use, uses a plain text file in a particular format, so if you can email me indexes in that format, it is most helpful, but if you just email me the information in any format, that is OK.

What information do I need? At a minimum: the characters's name, and the http address where it lives on the net. That is the absolute minimum. Formatted, it would look like this:

CHAR	name	http-address
Note that each field is seperated by one tab character (not spaces).

The http-address can be to any sort of file which describes the character. Often this will be an HTML file, but sometimes it will be a GURPS Character Assistent (GCA) file, or a text file, or some other sort of file. Any of these is fine.

But more information is encouraged! That would be the world the character comes from, or was built for, the character's race or species, the characters job or class, and the character's point total.

CHAR	Phoenix Faust	space	Human	Starship Navigator	-	50
If you don't have some ot the data, you can leave the field blank, or enter a dash ('-').

The world (or setting) should not be the name of the game master's particular world. It should describe the setting in a way other people can understand. For example, "Space" is a good world; "Stargate" or "Star Wars" are better (because they are more specific). If the world is custom built, then list the GURPS rule books used, using their abbreviations. For example, for a custom world which has space travel and is dark and dirty, you might use "S CP". You can also put genres here, "pulp detective" or "modern horror", for example. If the world is based on a popular movie or book, that could go here, as well.

All the information anyone could want. If you can, you might want to provide more information. In addition to the data described above, you can add the following fields: author, the http address of the world the character was created for, the http address of any other pages which describe this character, any stand out skills, advantges, or disadvantages the character has, and any notes on the character. So the most conplex characters will have 14 fields in their index line.

If the character sheet is not written in English, then you should put that in the notes section. For example "inFrench" or "inDutch" or something.

Saving some typing. Often, you are repeatedly entering the same data. For example, you are likely to enter a bunch of characters, all written by the same guy, one after the other. Also, often people publish characters for one world all right next to each other. Instead of entering that data again and again, you can enter it once, and reuse it. Like this:

AUTHOR	name	http-address (not email: http, and optional)
WORLD	name	http-address (optional)
And here is an example:
AUTHOR	Scott Maykrantz
WORLD	modern horror
CHAR	Crawford	+	Human	Gravedigger	-	50	+
Notice the pluses ('+') in some fields. This means, use the previously entered data. So a plus in the author field means, use the data from the previous AUTHOR line. Same with the world field.

What not to put in. The description field should NOT be used to physically describe the character (height, weight, age, etc.) Those things can always be changed by a GM. The only exception is if one of these is important to the very makeup of the character.

Here are the first 20 lines of so of my index file, so you can see some real world examples:

CHAR	Oakroot	BB	Rabbit	Warren Watch	?	100
CHAR	Patches	BB	Rabbit	Hoplite	?	112	unknown,
AUTHOR	Badman (Anthony Salter)
CHAR	Jack Stewart	pulp noir	Human	Detective	Private Eye	100	+	-		
CHAR	Usagi Yojimbo	Usagi comic	Cartoon Rabbit	Samurai	?	140	+	-	-	
CHAR	Kira	-	Human	Apprentice Mage	?	100	+	-	-	
CHAR	Kirney Tarn	Penumbra	Human
AUTHOR	Scott Maykrantz
WORLD	modern horror
CHAR	Crawford	+	Human	Gravedigger	-	50	+
CHAR	Robert LaBrosse	+	Human	Satanist	-	75	+
CHAR	Henry Marx	+	Human	Zombie Killer	-	200	+
CHAR	Phoenix Faust	space	Human	Starship Navigator	-	50	+	-	-	Area Knowledge (galaxy)-22
CHAR	Mr. Pig	+	Human	Junkyard Owner	blind/obese	0	+
CHAR	Billy Dawson	+	Human	Kid	-	100	+
CHAR	The Shadowman*	+	wraith	-	-	100	+
CHAR	Artis Whyte	fantasy	Human	Acid Mage	-	100	+
CHAR	Eve Alabaster	fantasy	Gorgon	-	-	100	+
AUTHOR	Altaron Natherill
CHAR	Jae'taron the Grey	-	Human	Trader	-	169.5	+
CHAR	Manus of the Blade	-	Human	fighter	honorable	435	+
CHAR	Vesper of the Vale	-	Human	fighter	foolish	435	+
CHAR	Dr Kromm	real world	Human	-	-	50