Guide to the Index of GURPS Characters

Compiled by Joshua Levy

Name. Whatever your name for the character is.


This should either be the name of the setting or the role playing world, or the abbreviations of the GURPS book(s), used to create the world. Especially if using abbreviations, it is OK to have several in this field.

Please don't put down the name of your personal gaming world. It doesn't help people outside of you gaming group. List something that anyone with an interest in the character would understand.

"Real world" means that this "character" is a GURPS description of how the author thinks he or she would be described as a GURPS character.

Examples: Cyberpunk, CP, Fantacy, OP, Stargate, etc.


Examples: Human, Rabbit, Dwarf, Elf, Cyborg, etc.

Job or Class.

The character's job or class or the means of support, or any other one single description of the character.

Examples: Fighter, Magic user, Thief, Computer programmer, etc.

Any other critical descriptions of the character. Things which are important to the concept of the character.

Examples: blind. Description.


The number of points used to create this character.

Examples: 100, 112, 75. Standouts.


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Other Links.

World Links.

Notes. This field can be used for anything, but common notes are: