Mythic American Indian

This is my GURPS: Mythic American Indian world setting. I represents a world based on the myths of pre-contact native americans. There are no horses, wheels, or functional metals here. Myths and customs come from many different indian tribes, times, and regions. (This is in the fine tradition of Tolkien and other fantacy authors who combined mythic elements from many different European cultures and mixed them together.)

GURPS Materials

GURPS: Basic (all that applies)
GURPS: Compendium I (all that applies)
GURPS: Magic
GURPS: Low Tech (Parts of chapters 1, 2, and 3.)
GURPS: Aztec
GURPS: Old West (Some of the magic. Remember that the indians described here are very post contact. They ride horses, drink liquor, hunt buffalo, etc. Also remember that it focuses on the plains indians, while this adventure covers mostly Californian Indians.) GURPS: Religion

Other Sources

Hillerman's Books (or the PBS movies based on them), such as Skinwalkers and A Thief of Time.

Cristy Turner's Book Man Corn.

Player Information

The current draft of the rules is on line, here, but it is no where near complete.

Players may want to download GURPS lite (it's free).

Notes to Players

Notes to Characters

List of NPC/PC Names
More NPC/PC Names

Images for character sheets (especially GCA)

Map of California Tribes

Information on Coastanoans

Game Master Information

This GURPS world setting is not really ready for use by others. However, if you would like to use it (or parts of it), please email me. I have lots of GM materials, which are not posted here, but which I can give you. I have a complete adventure (The Warriors), plus some notes on wilderness encounters, a "home tribe", and lots of other stuff. I'm very interested in bartering this material for more material: I let you use this stuff, but you let me use the character, tribes, adventures and so on that you develop for this setting.


Aug 2003: Write Up Notes to Players Notes to Characters

June 2005: Coming soon!