The Army

With the orcs starting to get organized and attacking outposts the army is something you might be interested in.


The standard unit for organizing toops is the regiment (commanded by a Colonel). Each regiment is made up of 2-5 battalions (commanded by Majors). A battalion usually has a strength of 5 companies (commanded by Lieutenants). Companies usually have 100 troops.

Regiments are not usually used in combat. They usually have a permanent base where they train their battalions. When there is a need for a body of troops larger than a battalion, battalions from several regiments are grouped together into a Brigade (usually commanded by a Brigadier General).

Officers are always of noble birth.

Teritorial Regiments (aka "National Guard")

Each Count is required to maintain a regiment. On the mainland these regiments are usually composed of 2 battalions (though they are often understrength and under trained). The officers are appointed by the Count and confirmed by the King (usually rubber stamped). These are often as much political organizations as they are military.

Because Restenford is on the edge of civilization, the Count maintains a large (3 battalions) and well trained regiment.

Regular Regiments

The King maintains the regular regiments. They are usually made up of 4 battalions and almost always well trained. The officers are appointed by the King.

There is one regular battalion in Restenford (the second battalion of the ninth regiment). Everyone hopes more will arrive shortly.

Guards Regiments

The King maintains three guards regiments. These are large, well trained and very loyal. They usually guard the various royal pallaces and such. If a member of the royal family is in command of troops, a unit from the guards will be present (size varies with the rank of the royal). Most of the officers are related to the King.

There are no guards in Restenford.


The KGB is the intelligence service for the kingdom. There is a uniformed KGB officer (usually a Lieutenant Colonel) attached to the offices of each Count. His title is "Station Chief". He reports directly to the KGB, not the Count.

There is rumored to be an extensive network of undercover KGB agents in every town.

Rank (from top to bottom)

        General                 Just one: the King. Commands the army.
        Lieutenant General      Commands a division (a group of brigades).
                                Usually a member of the royal family.
        Brigadier General       Commands a brigade (a group of regiments).
        Colonel                 Commands a regiment (2-4 battalions).
        Lieutenant Colonel
        Major                   Commands a battalion (usually 5 companies).
        Lieutenant              Commands a company (usually 100 men).
        First Sergeant          Top enlisted rank in a company.
        Private First Class (PFC)