Deuwaindell's Journal: 3

After a single night at Fort Belvar, the morning of the 13'th day of our travels we began the next leg of our journey. The destination is now Fort Critwall.

All goes well until late afternoon the 4'th day of that leg of our journey, when Hennic saw a lone horseman off on the top of a hill. At Malin's suggestion we press on through the night. I took point guard position, using infravision to spot an ambush before it could be sprung. I keep an open mind, but how like humans in danger to gladly take advantage of a difference that they mock at other times. At least Raven was brave enough to join me, that dark night, in what must have been uncomfortable duty with such limited vision. Perhaps we were lucky, perhaps it was a false alarm, but nothing happened that night. Early the next morning we rounded a hill and spied a pair of wagons, fording a river, and heading our way.

Closer examination showed the wagons to be being driven by a total of four orcs. Knowing it best to fight them while they were in the river, most of our group moved to attack. Seeing this to be a great ambush spot, I quickly rode to the top of the hill to find out what was on the other side. To my surprise, no other orcs were in the area and I went back to assist in the battle. But it was already won. The wagons were moved out of the river and searched. I found a secret compartment under one wagon, and in it a locked book. Otherwise, the wagons were only filled with unappealing orcish grub, and cheap orc weapons. We piled the weapons into a wagon that Raven drove, tossed the grub into the river, and proceeded on.

Fort Critwall was reached early that afternoon. Little did I know how informative an afternoon it was to be. Jasmalus, Rats, Klor, and I met in a room in the Fort's inn. I pulled out the book, which Rats examined and said that the lock was enchanted and probably trapped. Jasmalus put on a glove, knocked on the cover of the book and it opened. When asked where he acquired such a clever an artifact as that glove, Jasmalus tried to put us off by saying he was reading, and that the book was an account book of some form.

But, shortly he reconsidered and revealed himself to be a member of the KGB. His name was Jetero, and Jasmalus his twin brother was the real trader. He was quite convinced the attack that killed his brother was actually intended to kill him and prevent the success of his mission. His job was to determine if the orcs were gathering for a large attack, and with this book he had all the proof he needed. When questioned about his ability to prove his identity, he first showed us a hidden identity symbol, and then cast a spell that revealed everybody's alignment. If it was an illusion or a trick, it was a good one, because all alignments appeared to be correct and his was lawful. I began to wonder about possibly learning more about magic from the KGB, but it was a silly thought, quickly dismissed. Jetero said he had to get his journal and this book to the authorities, but was unable to do it himself as he was undoubtedly being watched.

He asks us to deliver the books to a local contact named Jeremiah, saying that Jeremiah could get the books to the appropriate authorities. I can't speak to the motivation of the others, but for me there was no problem deciding to agree. I'll be interested to find out more about the KGB. Though I must admit to some concern that one might learn too much......