House Rules
For the World of Restenford

By Darrel Strom
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For stats: roll 4d6 and take the best 3d6. Roll 6 times and place the numbers where they'll do the most good.

A character's first hit die is always max.

Magic users get a spell bonus based on intelligence just like the one clerics get for wisdom.

Spell casters always have all the "normal" stuff needed to cast any spells they know, unless: they're naked, the spell requires a 10,000gp gem, ... .

For this adventure (and maybe for following ones), don't worry about what you have in your pack. You have the usual stuff (rope, matches, light source, small sacks, small iron bar(s), "reasonable" amounts of food and water, pocket knife, compass, first aid kit, any class tools (thief tool kit), the booklet: "Jane's Monster Spotting Guide", ...).

Most of the things listed in the Player's Manual are for sale in the town (usually at list price). If you want something that's not listed, ask me.

Player characters don't have psionics (NPC's might).

Characters advance in level at the discretion of the GM, not by using experience points and the tables in the players guide.


If you give up your attack to defend youself, you get -4 on your armor class.

Ignore the weapon vs armor class adjustments (too much work).

Monsters win any ties in initiative rolls (monsters need all the help they can get).

If you roll a natural 1, it always misses, and if a second to hit roll is also a natural 1, you've just fumbled (and I get to roll on a special table).

If you roll a natural 20, and it will hit the target, your weapon does max damage. Then you get another roll. If the second roll misses, you do nothing. If it hits, roll normal weapon damage (in addition to the max damage done by the first 20). If the second roll is also a natural 20, your weapon does max damage again, and it's a critical hit (and I roll on a special table).

After a battle that cost you hit points you can "bind your wounds" (or someone else can). You get back 1d4 hit points lost in this battle. This MUST be used before any spells/potions.

Overnight a character heals 1dn from the following table: (healing die is Con/2 rounded down to the next standard die)

                Con     healing
                >=20    1d10 hp
                16-19   1d8 hp
                12-15   1d6 hp
                8-12    1d4 hp
                <=7     1 hp
If/when you drop to zero or less hit points you are unconscious. You probably will continue to loose hit points from bleeding. When you reach -10, you're dead.

Fate Chips

(revised to decrease the +/- powers of the chips):

The pool is: 50 white, 25 red and 10 blue.

Each session you get to draw a chip before we start. (new characters start with 2 chips)

The GM may award a draw or a specific chip for roll playing above and beyond expectations.

Characters are normally limited to holding 3 Fate Chips. (special awards from the GM usually don't count)

You may only play 1 fate chip per roll. Note that when a blue chip is played to reroll it cancels that roll. You may then play another chip on the second roll.

The plus/minus does not effect fumbles or critical hits (they are based on natural 1's and 20's).

Chips may be played defensively to reduce damage, reroll a critical hit, reduce a to hit roll (improve your defense) ...

Chips may be played offensively to increase damage, reroll a fumble, improve a to hit roll (improve your chance to hit) ...

To aid others with a fate chip, you must spend 2 chips. If you have to spend a higher level chip to enable a lower level one, and if it's good roll playing, the GM may give you change. :-) Exception: clerics may aid their flock (same diety) without penalty. If it's good roll playing, the diety (GM) may reward the cleric.

The bad guys have fate chips too. There is a pool for all the monsters and major NPCs have their own chips.

        White chips                   plus/minus 1 from a roll.

        Red chips    reroll a die  or plus/minus 2 from a roll.

        Blue chips   reroll a roll or plus/minus 3 from a roll.