Played by Joshua Levy
From the world of Restenford.

Kelle' is about medium hight, and of medium build. (Amoung his own people, he is considered tall.) His skin is dark, his hair is black, and his eyes are brown. (In modern terms, he would look Vietnamese.) He speaks common with an accent.

Kelle' is of average IQ, but takes a direct approach to solving problems.He is also willing to give up things for the good of the group, and to put the groups welfare ahead of his own. These traits make him a leader type, even though he is rarely the strongest or the smartest member of a group.

Kelle's people worship the elemental forces of nature (land, water, wind, and lava), and Kelle' is partularly aligned with lava. Their religion focuses power through stones in the same way Celtic drudism uses trees or magic uses wands. Stones with magic and cerimonial powers form an important part of their religion.

Some Quotes

"The quickest way to an island is the most direct, strongest current". (Note the order.)