Mom's Bar

From the world of Restenford.

Mom's Bar is the hangout of all the better adventurers (at least those in the low to mid levels who can't afford their own places yet). The place is reasonably priced and "mostly" safe. It is open 7 x 24. There's always at least a barman, a bouncer and a bar maid at work. The rooms are small, but clean. All in all, a class joint. Much better than many other adventurer's bars/flop houses.

Yes, Mom is his name. He got it while he was an adventurer. On his left arm (shield arm) there's a tatoo of a heart with "Mom" in the middle. He claims it protects him. In any case, he seems to always be sitting at his corner table (with his back to the wall) watching. Some times, groups or individuals will be invited to meetings at the corner table. Somehow the conversations can't quite be heard.

He seems to know everyone in Restenford. He often acts as an advisor to merchants and others who need to put together a group to act as guards or whatever.

New faces and people returning from missions are always invited to a dinner/debrief at the corner table. Mom usually seems to know the main events of a mission and doesn't ask very many questions (except to keep the conversation going). However, it usually isn't possible to hide anything from him.