Postscript to Adventure 5: Return from Ixtzul

As you approach Restenford you notice two things. The first is the lack of training camps outside the city walls. You doubt the assorted merchants, shopkeepers and youths that made up the local militia units were ready to face the orc hoards (except perhaps defending the walls of their home town). The second thing you notice is that the main gate of Restenford is closed. In your experience, the gate is always open from dawn to dusk (and it's only mid-afternoon).

At the main gate, the sergeant of the guard informs you that unless you know the password, he can't let you into the town. The alternative is for a field grade officer (major or up) or a senior member of the count's staff to vouch for you (in writing). He does understand that neither you nor the centaurs could know the password, so he sends his runner to the palace to inform them of the arrival of the centaurs and then on to Mom's to find someone to provide your entry paperwork.

While waiting in the shadow of the walls, you pass the time talking with the sergeant. He's a member of Major Horton's second battalion of the ninth regiment (a regular). He's doing guard duty while he recovers from wounds received while holding the orcs at bay. The rest of the "men" on guard duty appear to be not much more than boys.

After about a half an hour, Morton Throckmorten (the Count's Chief of Staff) and an entourage arrive at the gate to welcome the centaur delegation. While the Mr. Throckmorten is formally greeting the centaurs, you notice that one of the members of the entourage is Lt. Col. Gregor (of the KGB). After the formal greetings are over, he comes over to you and greets your group. He also produces the paperwork you need to enter the city.

As the Chief of Staff and his entourage prepare to escort the centaurs to the Count's palace, the centaurs thank you for being good traveling companions and dependable fighters. Clive (the leader) gives each of you a small gem. They glow when you touch them. He says the gems are "tuned" to their owners and they mark you as friends of his centaur kingdom.

After the two groups head off to the palace, you present your paperwork and head off to Mom's. On the way you are stopped at several main intersections and required to present your paper work again (this is a new development). You also notice that there are almost no able bodied men on the streets (only boys, old men, women and a few walking wounded, like the sergeant at the gate).

You find Mom's bar almost deserted. However, Mom is at his usual corner table when you arrive. He greets you and invites you to dinner/debrief after you've had a chance to clean up and rest a bit.