Setup for Adventure 4

Note: due to the war time conditions in Restenford, the section about standard items being for sale in the town at "book" prices is suspended.

The time is the day after the end of the previous adventure.

While you were gone, the Count gave Major Horton (commander of the only regular troops in Restenford) command of all troops in the area (his 5 companies and the 2 remaining companies of the Restenford regiment). Captain Horton has moved most of the troops out into the nearby countryside and has started to resist the Orc hoard. Their goal seems to be to slow the Orc's advance so the locals (and their livestock) can be evacuated towards Restenford. Since Major Horten took command, there have been no major battles.

Restenford and the immediate area are rapidly filling with refugees.

The town council's militia companies are starting to train in earnest. They have been "stiffened" with the survivors of the Restenford regiment (a large part of it was destroyed in a battle with the orcs a couple of weeks ago) and the recovering wounded from Captain Horton's command. Their actual value in holding off the Orc hoard is unknown.

So far there has been little help from the mainland. Only one company has arrived from Camogli (the nearest port city). They currently are in training with the Restenford militia just outside the town (they come from a "safe" area and were more or less a social organization before their trip here).

A few junior officers have trickled into Restenford to see the war. The more adventurous of them are with Captain Horton in the field. The rest are sticking near the Count's palace (advising and consulting).

Over night it was quite in the Clerics' quarter (for the first time in weeks). Perhaps the Talisman of Set is happy to be back on it's stand.

This morning you were awakened by the town crier:

Hear-yea, Hear-yea, Hear-yea. It is announced that the Count of Restenford has this day decreed that for the duration of the current emergency the town of Restenford and its environs are under martial law.

The Count's first edict under this decree is that the various private militia units are hear-by called to service in the name of the crown.

Be it also known that all able-bodied persons must register with the offices of the Count by sundown tomorrow. After that time, any person found without registration papers will be arrested as a possible deserter. Those found to be deserters will be dealt with most harshly.

Registration centers are open at the Count's offices and most public meeting places.

When you go down to the bar area, you find a registration table set up. So far they seem to be doing very little business.

At some point in the morning, Mom takes each of you aside and offers to enlist you in "Mom's Irregulars". He points out that otherwise you'll have to register and will be looked upon as prime militia fodder. He promises a minimum of marching and saluting (though you will have to learn enough protocol to keep the officers happy), and a maximum of action.

If questioned he will tell you that "Mom's Irregulars" has been called to the Count's service as the Third Independent Company of the Restenford Regiment and that it is assigned to the office of the KGB Station Chief. The officer in charge is Lieutenant Jockomo and Mom is the top sergeant. The mission is gathering information and irregular action (think of it as assigned adventuring :-).

If you accept (and I assume you will), Mom tells you to be at the orientation meeting at 4pm in the back room. Your papers will be given to you then. He gently reminds you that Restenford is under martial law, and that it is important to keep out of trouble and show up for the orientation meeting on time.

When you arrive for the meeting, one of Mom's worker bees greets you at the door to the back room. He checks your name off of a list and asks you to stand in the "processing" line against the far wall. The line leads towards Mom, seated at a small table in the front corner (with his back to the wall).

As you work your way through the line you see the same pattern repeat itself as Mom calls each person from the head of the line:

The person goes over to the table and sits down.

Mom extracts a brown folder from a box on the floor.

Mom verifies several key pieces of information on the top sheet in the folder (things like: name, date of birth, next of kin, ...).

The person signs the paperwork.

Mom signs the paperwork.

Mom gives the person a metal disk on a leather loop (dog tags).

They shake hands.

The person leaves the table and goes to sit down in one of the chairs lined up in the middle of the room.

Mom returns the folder to the box on the floor.

Mom looks up and calls the name of the person now at the head of the line.

Two things stand out while you're waiting (there's not much to do except watch the processing):

Although everyone can clearly hear Mom call the name of the person at the head of the line, no one can hear anything that is said while they are sitting at the table.

In the case of D'Wal (the only non-human in the room), there are several additional pieces of paperwork to be signed.

After everyone has been processed (there are 25-30 people in the room, most of whom you know (at least by sight)), Mom walks to the podium at the front of the room and signals one of the worker bees. The worker bee leaves the room. Mom asks you to settle down and explains what will happen next:

The officers will be here in a few moments. I'll introduce them and they will probably say a few words. After that, you may have a chance to ask them questions. In any case, they'll leave shortly thereafter and we'll get down to work.

Mom sits down in one of the chairs at the front of the room (facing you). A few minutes later, the worker bee opens the door to the room and two officers walk in. They walk to the front of the room and sit down on either side of Mom. Mom greets them and they exchange a few words. Then Mom gets up and walks back to the podium.

First I'd like to introduce the commanding officer of the Third Independent Company of the Restenford Regiment, Lieutenant Jockomo.

The younger of the two officers stands up and walks to the podium as Mom sits down.

Good afternoon people. I'd like to be among the first to welcome you into the proud Restenford Regiment. I know ...

< 5 minute welcome speech #1a >

He finishes and sits down. Mom gets up and walks back to the podium.

Now I'd like to introduce a fine officer that many of you have had interviews with in the past. Our company has been assigned to his office. The local KGB Station Chief, Lieutenant Colonel Gregor.

Mom sits down and the other officer walks to the podium.

Good afternoon. I see quite a few faces I recognize in front of me. That's good. At times like these we have to be extra vigilant. ...

< 10 minute speech>

He makes these points quite strongly:

You are not KGB officers. You are members of the Restenford Regiment assigned to his office.

Report everything you see or find. Even the smallest thing could be THE important clue needed to win the war.

Use channels (nods towards Mom), but his door is always open to his people.

Keep quite about the KGB. It's no body's business but those in this room.

The KGB takes care own (and at least while you're assigned to his office, you're included).

< end >

And so, now we'll conclude our part of this meeting with questions from the floor.

Mom and Lieutenant Jockomo stand and walk up beside the podium.