The Setup for Adventure 5

At your dinner/debrief that evening, Mom is his usual easy going self. He asks questions to keep the conversation going, but doesn't seem to ask many direct questions. The one subject that seems to be an exception to the rule is the underground tunnel you found in Ixtzul. He actually asks several probing questions about it.

After dinner Mom fills you in on what happened in Restenford while you were gone:

Major Horton had been doing a very good job slowing the advance of the orc hoard while conserving his troops.

The draft has become almost universal. Every able-bodied male of "military" age is either in the army or has a job deemed important to the war effort.

Security in the town has been stepped up. The main gate is closed all the time and there are check points at key places inside the town. There are also roaming sentries to keep an eye on things.

The local KGB office has been expanded. There is now a major, a captain and an elf civilian working for Lt. Col. Gregor.

A few days ago, Leon Grimaldi (a cousin of the Count) arrived and convinced the Count that a member of the family should be in charge of the local army units. So, the count appointed Leon the new Colonel of the Restenford Regiment. He promptly took all the militia units from their training camps outside the city walls into the field to "deal with the problem". Everyone is worried there will be another major battle (and major defeat).

Now for rumors and gossip (this is from Mom, so it might be reliable):

A brigade has been authorized by the King. That means several battalions of regular troops should be arriving soon, though no one knows exactly when.

The commander of the brigade is still unknown, but Mom expects it will be a member of the royal family (probably one of the Grande Dukes).

Mom says that with the current manpower shortage, you can expect a new mission in a few days. He suggests you turn in early and get a good night's sleep while you can.

Other rumors you pick up in the (nearly empty) bar:

Col. Leon Grimaldi has never served in the army in his life.

Several fishing boats have gone missing. The rumor is the orcs attacked and sank them (there have been no storms).

If those crazies (that's you) had just left the Talisman of Set in the mines, the orcs would never have started attacking us.