PC's Introduction to Silent Night

The PC's have been hired by a rich, but loonie, patron.  She has listened to one to many Christmas song, and is willing to pay pretty well to have less Christmas music in his world.  The pay is not not great, but is OK, and he will supply toys.  Also, there are no better gigs out there as the year comes to a close.

The patron will hire you for one week, with a possible one week follow on.  He will supply you with some explosives, ammo for non-exotic weapons, and maybe even a few weapons (all "technically non-lethal").  Your mission  has two "do"s and two "don't":

  1. Destroy as much Christmas music as possible.
  2. Claim credit (in the name of the "Silent Night Foundation") for every act of destruction.
  3. Don't hurt anyone.  (If you can avoid it.)
  4. Don't attack religion or Chirstmas in general.  Attack christmas music specifically.
[Insert paragraph on the patron's ideas about targets here.]

To claim credit, the characters should contact a news agency, or graffiti a public place, or
somthing similar.  They can also call the police directly, but the patron will prefer a more
public display.

Useful Background for Characters

This section contains some general background material, which the characters will know.

Public information on shopping malls.

Public information on smaller malls (AKA "strip malls").

Public information on big music store franchises.

Public information on small music store franchises.

Public information on police and security organizations.

Public information on christen churches.

Public information on atheist organizations.

Public information on large media outlets.

Public information on small, scruffy, local media outlets.