GURPS/Snowcrash: Adventure, Silent Night, Supplies

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Each of the options listed below are equally likely:

"M80" firecrackers.

This is a cardboard box, carefully sealled in shipping tape, and poorly patched with duct tape. Vietnamese is written on every side. People who don't understand Vietnamese will only be able to read "M-80".

A couple of beat up looking "Roman Candles".

This is a plastic shopping bag, clearly containing tubes about two feet long, and 3 inches in diameter. There are four of them. When opened there is also a single piece of paper. The paper contains what seems to be the same message in four different languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi. (It is unlikely any of the characters will be able to read any but the English part.) ...


A mace-like substance in a spray can. Comes out in a long (10'), thin spray. Sticks to skin, and makes it very itchy and scratchy (hence the name). Also sticks to surfaces, but doesn't do much there, unless touched. Can be washed off with soap and water; otherwise lasts for hours.


A six pack of mace spray cans. They appear to be of south american origin. ...

Fire Cola.

The truck driver is very proud of these and will point them out, and describe how to use them. They look like standard 12oz soda cans, and will pass through most security check points. In fact, they are low power grenades, which will go off about five seconds after the tab is pulled. There are four six packs of these things, each of which have different "loads". Their "lot numbers" can tell you what sort of can you have, and the truck driver will describe how to translate them. The four types are: Flash-Bang ... Fire ... Smoke ... Damage ...



A 55 gallon drum of gas, with a hand pump stuck in the top. It contains lead, and is illegal to sell as vehicle fuel in the USA.

Fertilizer and diesel

A drum of diesel, and a 50 pound sack of amonium nitrate fertilser. Also a paper print out from the web on turning this into a bomb.


RC Controlers

Wire, fuse-line

Some thin, cheap looking electrical wire. Great for remote detinations. Also some thick, cheap looking fuse wire. Great for remote detinations.

EMR jamming equipment


Software jamming tools

Scunk oil

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