Random Encounters in The Flats

This page contains lots of information on Franchises in the World of Snow Crash:
  1. (Encounter tables by location and time.)
  2. A list of all encounters
Page numbers refer to the trade (large size) version of snowcrash, not the paperback.
NC page numbers refer to the Night City Cyberpunk(r) setting by R. Talsorian Games, but remember to tone done the weapons and violence!

A List of All Encounters

A local big wig is having a news conference, being accosted for an interview, or stanging a show for the local media.

A media is on the street looking for sound bites or reactions from the crowd.  Your face is about to become very public (NC p74 #9).

A police group is making a traffic stop.

A police group is raiding a building.

A police group is involved in a hostage situation or standoff.

A police group is question people in the area about a crime.

An unscheduled rock concert is breaking out, in progress, being broke up, or cleaning up.

Meeting between two power organizations, each bringing their own security.

Some sort of toxic or garbage spill occures.  Could be a leak from a building, the trash, or a

Panhandler or streetscum road block (NC p61 #9)

Road race.  Drivers could be gangs, rival corps (police, postal, delivery media), friends,
or rockers.

Find a dead body.  Possiblity:
1. A local vigilante gang has nailed a gang member to a wall, and put a sign around him: repent sinnrs. (NC p67 #5)

Firearms (or other) show at the exhibition center.

Characters are reported as undesireables.

Random person tries to make contract with the characters.