GURPS/Snowcrash: Character Group Ideas

One of the clasic problems with Cyberpunk worlds, is that no one trusts anyone enough to form an adventuring group. In the world of Snowcrash, this task is a little easier. Below are some groups which will trust each other, at least a little:

Franchise Crew

The obvious answer, in the world of Snowcrash: have the characters all work at the same franchise.

Franchise Specialist Group

Similar to the previous group, but at a higher level. This is a group of specialists, well trained and supported, which is used by a franchise to solve particularly difficult problems.

Pirate Radio Crew

This was the group which first tested these rules. You can read about them in the Ground Zero adventure. Such a group would include a producer, one or more techies, one or more security people, some on-air talent (DJs or interviewers), maybe an interviewee, and who knows who crashed in a corner.

People Who Live Together

In this world, people often live communally, turning old storage lockers into homes, or reclaiming tennaments. People who live together need to trust each other, at least a little. Even people who just happen to live in the same 'burbs, know they have some values in common.

The Band

Remember to include producers, techies, roadies, and all the other support system of a modern band. If you go this route, I recommend reading GURPS: Rock Star, for a bunch of ideas.