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Wednesday April 14 4:16 PM PDT Man Jailed for At-Home Castrations

Man Jailed for At-Home Castrations


HUNTINGTON, Ind. -- A 55-year-old man who pleaded guilty to performing castrations in his home said at his sentencing hearing Monday that he sought to "absolve emotional, psychological or physical needs" of his patients.

Edward Bodkin, however, would be no more specific about why he turned a room in a converted motel into an operating suite as a judge handed him a jail sentence of four years, with 2 1/2 suspended.

Questions about Bodkin's reasons have puzzled observers since early February, when police arrested him for practicing medicine without a license and said he had made videotapes of at least three operations, showing apparently willing men having their testicles removed.

Bodkin offered no explanation during the hearing Monday, other than to criticize media speculation that his patients had been men who desired sex-change operations.

'Appear to be consenting adults'

Prosecutor John Branham said that authorities had not been able to determine a motive for the surgeries, though he said that he believes Bodkin is telling the truth about his patient's willingness.

The prosecutor said there was no need to determine a motive for the surgeries, since the charge was practicing medicine without a license and the motive was irrelevant.

"I personally asked that the court impose the standard sentence," he said. "There were no aggravating factors, he had no record, not even a speeding ticket, and no protected groups were involved, no very young or old people. They all appear to be consenting adults."

After that recommendation, Circuit Judge Mark McIntosh sentenced Bodkin, who pleaded guilty last month, to the standard four years in prison, with 2 1/2 years suspended. With time served, Bodkin could be out in seven months, his lawyer Steven Michael said.

Says it was a victimless crime

Michael would not comment on Bodkin's motive, as Bodkin said in his court statement that he pleaded guilty in part because he wanted to keep details of his surgeries out of the public eye.

And few details have become public. Branham said authorities have not been able to interview Bodkin at all, and they don't even know how many men had their genitals removed, or who any of the men were.

Bodkin added, in his statement to the court, that because the men he operated on had come seeking help from him, his removal of their genitals was a victimless crime.

By Todd Venezia, an staff writer (

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