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Trailer Park Ministries' Pirate(?) Station  more options
Author:   rrackley
Date: 1998/11/12
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On Saturday night, November 7, 1998 at about 0210 UTC, I was tuning by the
frequency where I usually find Radio for Peace International (6975 kHz) and I
heard an unusual station just up from there at 6985 kHz.  A "Reverend Dr.
R.F. Field" was on.  He claimed to be with "Trailer Park Ministries" and to
be broadcasting from the "True Light Trailer headed up I-95 near Dillon,
S.C."  He said that he was on his way to hold a crusade at a trailer park in
some city (I didn't get the name) in Virginia.	The station seemed to ID with
the name "the Shortwave Gospel Beacon."  There was some fading but, as is the
practice of radio preachers, he said the above things several times during
the 10 minutes or so that I listened.  He also went in and out of what
appeared to be a "Hellfire and brimstone" sermon, or series of "sermonetts,"
about the world blowing up in a big explosion, but it was hard to follow it

Does anyone know anything about this station?  Has anyone else heard it?

Ronald Rackley
Sarasota, Florida

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