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Tuesday March 28 12:22 PM ET Ex-Wife Kills Former FBI Agent

Ex-Wife Kills Former FBI Agent

PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) - In the middle of a gunbattle with deputies trying to arrest them, an ex-stripper killed her former husband, a onetime FBI agent, with a shot to the head. She then killed herself.

``No one had any idea they were going to turn into Bonnie and Clyde on us,'' said Carlos Baixauli, an agent of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Former agent Justin Haberski, 40, who had become a lawyer and part owner of a strip club, and ex-wife Jennifer Bradberry Haberski, 29, were shot to death Friday as they ran from their car during the shootout with Escambia County deputies.

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On Monday, medical examiner Gary Cumberland said autopsies showed that Ms. Haberski shot her husband in the forehead, then shot herself. She was also shot twice in the chest by deputies, Cumberland said. Those wounds would have eventually killed her if she had not shot herself in the head first, he said.

Deputies had started pursuing the couple Friday after a report that they had robbed three men and a woman walking from a restaurant to their motel. Pensacola fire marshal Bob Lane said the suspects also were wanted for questioning in a fire that caused an estimated $200,000 damage Wednesday to the Club Mardi Gras, partly owned by Haberski.

During a car chase, Ms. Haberski stood in the sunroof of their Jaguar and fired at officers with a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol. One officer fired back, Sheriff's Sgt. Eddie Barnard said.

The couple stopped, apparently because of a flat tire, about 100 feet from a fast-food restaurant. Customers in the restaurant ducked for cover but none were hurt.

``We locked the doors and got everyone down on the floor,'' said Scott Ettinger, the restaurant's associate manager.

``We heard shots immediately ... probably six to eight shots. It was wild,'' said Mike Smith, 19, who had left the restaurant before the doors were locked.

Ms. Haberski continued shooting as the couple ran away and officers returned fire, deputies said.

Both had previous run-ins with the law. He had an outstanding warrant for dealing in stolen property. She had a warrant on charges of marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession and failure to appear in court, plus convictions for disorderly conduct, battery, disorderly intoxication, driving with a suspended license and resisting arrest without violence.

The couple divorced in October after being married less than a year.

FBI Special Agent Bill Cheek said Haberski worked for the agency from 1984 to 1990. Why he left the agency was not disclosed.

The Florida Bar received complaints from several of Haberski's clients as well as judges in recent months and was preparing to ask the Florida Supreme Court to suspend his law license, a spokeswoman said.

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