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USA: Mysterious Jet Contrail Spraying Update  more options
Author:   Ian Goddard
Date: 1999/01/15
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The Environmental News Service (
has a follow-up to their report about multiple sightings 
around the U.S. of massive grid-work patterns in the sky 
being created by fleets of jets that fly back and forth 
and spray down a material that seems to make people ill. 

In their follow-up [1], ENS interviews Thomas Farmer, an 
ex-Raytheon Missile Systems engineer who's been tracking 
the mysterious spraying incidents for over a year. Farmer 
has confirmed that jets used to spray are Air Force jets, 
and he's made several collections of the cobweb-like, or
"angel hair," material the jets are spraying out, which 
made him, just like many others, sick after contact. It
appears to be a substance used to seed (build) clouds.

ENS reports that Farmer is "fairly certain the contrail 
phenomena is one part of a military weather modification
weapons system." The ENS report then observes that a sub-
set of the military plan to use weather as a weapon and 
create a "Weather Force," is massive cloud-seeding that 
will work in with the HAARP antenna in Alaska, which 
is the U.S. military's primary weather-weapons system,
which can exert effects on locations across the earth.

The openly-stated goal for the U.S. military is to 
"own the weather" [2] by year 2025 and to thereby be 
able to bring target populations to their knees by 
"storm enhancement," "storm modification," and being 
able to "induce drought." [1] So rather than natural 
laws of solar-heating and earth-rotation directing 
the weather, the weather will be determined by who 
is pleasing or displeasing our military masters, or
then again, perhaps power does not really corrupt.

A U.S. military webpage [3] states that weather 
modification by the military is intended to allow 
for "storm triggering/enhancement using airborne 
cloud seeding." That military webpage also says:

 "A global network of sensors provides 'weather 
  warriors' with the means to monitor and accurately 
  predict weather activities and their effects on 
  military operations. A diverse set of weather 
  modification tools allows manipulation of small-
  to-medium scale weather phenomena to enhance 
  friendly force capabilities and degrade those 
  of the adversary. Many of the sensors required 
  for this system are assumed to be...part of the 
  global information management system (GIMS)..."

Apart from allowing for an Orwellian-weather tyranny, 
military-weather control could lead to environmental 
catastrophe, since the desire to exert control will 
conflict with and overpower rational environment con-
siderations, particularly if control is directed under
the cover of  military secrecy.  Deliberate large-scale 
modification of the weather must be the most dangerous 
thing we could do to our planet, and it appears that 
military-weather-control planning is being done in 
secret, outside the realm of democratic oversight, 
just where it needs to be for the worst outcomes!

[1] Read The Full Environmental News Service Report 
"Mystery Contrails May Be Modifying Weather" (1/12/99): 

[2] Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025: 

[3] Military Weather Analysis and Modification System: 

After my first message on this topic one person replied
saying the grid pattern of contrails appeared in their
area in Idaho and 13 people (mostly old) died shortly
there after. Another person responded saying they've
seen unique grid-work contrail patterns in Georgia.
Web Pages On The HAARP Weather-Weapon System:
NEXUS article on HAARP: "Vandalism in the Sky" 
And at: . 

Cloud Seeding & Weather Modification Pages: 


            - the critics are raving -

      "Shouldn't this be expunged?...[since]
     it is spreading fear and suspicion of the 
    government." Lesley Stahl (CBS - 60 Minutes)

   Call the police! Newsday reports that "another 
   site linked to Goddard's" is linked to another 
   site that "pictures a woman's bare derrierre." 
    BTW, I'm still (drool) looking for that site

    On CNN, a  Federal official  said Goddard's 
     TWA 800 inquiry has caused "real damage." 
      ergo: stopping Goddard = damage control



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