GURPS/Snowcrash: Random Ideas

Collected from the net by Joshua Levy

Just a collection of random good ideas for a Snowcrash world.

Baby Selling Ring

Trailer Park Ministriesthe Shortwave Gospel Beacon

Secret Gov. Weather Control, or maybe Not so secret Gov. Weather Control.

A Real Life Union Busting Firm. International Management Assistance Corporation (IMAC) is a crisis response company specializing in strike and labor events, natural disasters, civil disturbances, industrial accidents and terrorist activities. IMAC, as the "single source" crisis response company is the premiere full-service event management company in the United States. IMAC is the only one-stop solution for maintaining business during a labor stoppage and provides a myriad of services to meet their clients' needs during a crisis.

Intro to triads.

What happens when the rich founder of a high tech metaverse company wigs out, and starts believing in aliens? The company will ditch him, but what will he do? What will competitors do? Customers?

Call centers as modern sweat shops

Nice job for a snowcrash doctor: sowing on Yakuza's fingers. They call him "Mr. Fingers"; his clinic is "new body".

In the world of snowcrash there are more ditry harry types out there. Even if not true like this case it can be a good adventure idea either way.

Here is a covert scam company. Ripping people off is a lot easier, if you are doing hush-hush work.

Classic adventurer's job: monitor police chases, and notify people so they can follow them via TV or net.

Now here's a scam. Set up a party, get things cheap because of all the famous people. No famous people show, and you sue the venue. Big fun.

Man Jailed for at home castrations. Talk about "do it yourself!".

Cayman Bank Industry Rocked Again.

Another idea: accuse the computer security pundit of paying crackers to hit sites in exchange the scoop.

The scumbag (ie. Red) Chinese are always good for a plot. Here, they are trying to shut down subversive web sites in other countries!


Commerical, plastic trees, or something like that.