GURPS/Snowcrash: Sample Player Characters

Copyright 1999 by Joshua Levy

The table below is a summary of 21 player characters who have been created for the GURPS world of Snowcrash. Please feel free to steal them, use them, or use them as templates. If you create your own PCs for this world, please tell me! Thanks.

Tony LeeM???100 HTM][TXT] [GCA]StalkerTours
Billy JoeM??Ex professional stock car driver100 [HTM][TXT] [GCA]StalkerTours
Clay EastonM?ageRich, but aimless, college kid.98 [HTM][TXT] [GCA]StalkerTours
MarkM?ageMetaverse specialist... [HTM][TXT] [GCA]StalkerTours
Go BoardM?ageSurfer/Driver, Dude!... [HTM][TXT] [GCA]StalkerTours
VesnaF?ageBoss's distant relative. Techie.... [HTM][TXT] [GCM]StalkerTours
AI GuardA?age?comment?? [HTM][TXT] [GCA]GroundZero
BobM?age?comment?? [HTM_CP][TXT] [GCA]GroundZero
BrokerM?age?comment?? [HTM_CP][TXT] [GCA]GroundZero
CabbotM?age?comment?? [HTM][TXT] [GCA]GroundZero
DylanM?age?comment?? [HTM][TXT] [GCA] [DOC2] GroundZero
MikeM?age?comment?? [HTM][TXT] [GCA] [DOC2] GroundZero
PlayerM?age?comment?? [HTM][TXT] [GCA]GroundZero
Rip-and-ReadM?age?comment?? [HTM][TXT] [GCA]GroundZero
The RackM?age?comment?? [HTM_CP][TXT] [GCA]GroundZero
GoonX?ageA Gang Thug. A blunt instrument.?? [HTM][TXT] [GCA]SilentNight
Class3X?ageTheatrical special effects tech.?? [HTM][TXT] [GCA]SilentNight
HeadX?ageGang member in charge.?? [HTM][TXT] [GCA]SilentNight
LeftHandX?age?comment?? [HTM][TXT] [GCA]SilentNight
RightHandX?age?comment?? [HTM][TXT] [GCA]SilentNight
TechX?ageGang Technical Specialist?? [HTM][TXT] [GCA]SilentNight
?nameM?age?comment?? [HTM][TXT] [GCA]?source

Understanding the Columns

M for Male, F for Female, A for AI, X for none