GURPS/Snowcrash: Plot Ideas

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Based on the movie, writen by , produced and directed by Joel Shuelmaker, and staring Kifer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, Julia Robert, William Baldwin, and Oliver Platt.

Adventure seed: a bunch of people experiment with dieing and being brought back to life. When under, they relive evil things they have done in their past. When back, they are plagued by the spirits of the people they hurt. (They are confused at first because the early experiances aren't bad, because they are so short. They get bad later, as the death experiances last longer.)

GM Notes

Once people start going under, they will tend to go under for longer and longer, as they attempt to learn more.

The spirits of the dead come back, and first in a minor way, and for a short period of time. Over time, they come back for longer and longer, and more physically.

How this adventure goes depends on the previous sins of the people who go under. If they have wronged people who are still alive, they can get forgiveness from those people. If they can find them. But what if those people are dead? Things are tougher. You need to either go under and get forgiveness, or get it from the spirits which come after you.

Have some of this adventure set during Halloween will add some color.

Equipment: O2, laughing gas, EEG, heart shocker, various drugs, monitoring equipment, tempurature blanket

(This plot line has some overtones of Jewish mystisym, where you must get forgivness from those you harm before you can get forgivness from god. Atonment.)

One Adventure

A bunch of minimum wage techs at a body sculpting place decide to get famous by experimenting with death. The characters could be these guys, in which case the adventure would run much like a horror plot line.


"I did not come to med school to murder my classmates, no matter how deranged they might be."

"It's like being paranoid, without the fear."

Under Cover and Loosing Sanity

Adventure Seed

The characers are sent under cover in to a franchise. Once there, the mind-numbing routine takes it's toll. They gradually loose sanity until they go insane, unless they complete their mission first.