Skills, Advantages, and Disadvantages for GURPS/Snowcrash

The file is part of Joshua Levy's GURPS/Snowcrash project. Everything is under construction.
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Copyright 1998 Joshua Levy

I've tried hard to create a few new skills, advantages and disadvantages as possible for GURPS/Snowcrash, but some are really needed. Those are described here.

The skills marked (*) are not really Snowcrash specific, but were needed for various senarios that I ran in the world.

Suppliments and Worldbooks

Generally, GURPS/Snowcrash characters are built using the Basic (B), Cyberpunk (CP), and Cyberworld (CW) books, with the following additions, deletions, and changes. A few skills, advantages, and disadvantages are taken from Space (S). The Space page numbers refer to the second edition.

All of the skill, advantages, and disadvantages in CthulhuPunk (CTHP) can get used as well. A little Cthulhu goes a long way!

I don't recommend buying Cyberworld, just to play Snowcrash. It is an awful world book, and not Cyberpunk. You can ignore it entirely if you want, or just copy pages 22-23 (which are useful), and pages 18-21 (which are slightly useful). Cyberpunk 2020 (from R. Talsorian) makes a much better "pure" Cyberpunk world book. But that is just my personal opinion. I challenge you to read any major Cyberpunk work, and find anything remotely like Cyberworld. The drawing are cool, though.

Remember that cybernetics are rare in the world of Snowcrash.


New Skills

Area Knowledge(Metaverse). Knowledge of the metaverse.

*Audio Production

Exoskeleton (S36)

Free Fall (S35). If space travel exists.

Language: Black English. (Also known as "eubonics".)

Language: Texilingua. The language of taxi drivers in America.

*Radio Engineering

*Rapid Setup. The skill of setting things up quickly. Preping theaters for shows, rock bands, etc. for example, or rapidly constructing a temporary bridge. (Amoung theater people, this would be called the "load in" skill.

Savior-faire(Metaverse). The ability to have fun in the metaverse.

Xenobiology (S36). The study of extraterrestrial life. If such exists.

Unavailable Skills



3D Spacial Sense 10 points (S33). If space travel exists.

knowledge of the Metaverse

Unavailable Advantages


Space Sickness -10 points (S34). If space travel exists.

Unavailable Disadvantages