The Flats, a city for GURPS/Snowcrash

Joshua Levy


The Flats is the city that San Jose, CA will become. It is named because of it's spread out nature, and the lack of tall buildings. It is a very modern, high tech city. It has grown like a cancer, with a minimum of central planing, it just sorts of oozes whereever it can; covering more and more territory at the expense of whatever was next to it. TBD

The primary industry is software, mostly computer programs, movies, TV shows, and other types of media. Minor (but colorful) industries include Wine making, Salt production, etc.

Ethnically, it is very diverse. Over the last few decades the region has had a ravenous appetight for programmers, and has gotten them from all over the world (mostly Russian, Ex-SSR, Indian, Taiwanese, Hong Kongese, (Mainland) Chinese, etc. It has also been the target for some refus (mostly Vietnamese, Cambodian, Mexican, Central and South American, Laosian, etc.) Commonly spoken languages are English, Spanish, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Manderin, and Russian. (In about that order.)