GURPS/Snowcrash: How You Can Help

The file is part of Joshua Levy's GURPS/Snowcrash project. Everything is under construction.
Please email me if you want more information.
Copyright 1998 Joshua Levy

GURPS/Snowcrash: Introduction

Test the Character Creation Rules

Please create a couple of characters, and see how it goes. Email me the characters you create, and any notes you have on problems with the character creation rules, or anything which is missing from them. I espcially recomend using GCA: The GURPS Character Assistent. This software does all the math required to create a GURPS character.

Character Creation Rules

New Skills / Advantages / Disadvantages

If you have time, I'd appreatiate you creating three characters: a PC (someone you'd like to play), an NPC (someone you'd like to run as a GM), and a character from the book Snowcrash. Here is a list of characters from the book who you can recreate using these rules: Sushi K, Jason "The Iron Pumper" Breckenridge, L. Bob Rife, Juanita, Chuck Wrightson, Y.T.'s Mom, Tranny, Raven, Squeaky, T-Bone, Fisheye, Vitaly Chernobyl


On Going Projects

You can always read the web pages and suggest improvements or new material. I look forward to any feedback you have. I'm particularly interested in sample avatars, adventure seeds which emphasize the metaverse or franchising, and GURPS descriptions of the weapons found in Snowcrash.

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