Billy Joe's Supplimental Character Sheet

Name: Billy Joe ______
I strongly suggest that as part of character creation you answer the following questions about your character, and write the answers down. They will help you flesh out your character.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA.

Where do you live? And who do you live with?
B.J. lives in the employee lounge at Stalker Tours. He acts as a night watchman for the building.

How do you get around?
Billy Joe owns a beat up 1975 Dodge Charger formally used as a stunt car in an old TV sitcom. It's orange paint is pealing and the old confederate flag on top can hardly be seen. License is 2WHDRVR.

What sort of Avatar do you use?
B.J. uses a generic redneck Avatar. Basic ploygon construction with a baseball cap and his initials in block letters over his head. (BJW)

Do you have a perminant presence in the Metaverse? If so, what sort of presence is it?
No perminant presence. The whole metaverse thing confuses B.J. He only goes in there accompanied by someone who knows what the heck all this techno stuff does.

What job do you have, or how do you make money?
He works as a driver, mechanic and security guard for Stalker Tours. He makes whatever Petar will pay him for whatever he might need done.

What sort of money do you have (both on-hand in access to)?
On hand: $148 in a tool box in the trunk of his car. Working for Stalker Tours Petar he makes a minimal living.

What sort of weapons do you have (both on-hand and access to)?
Two tiny, itty, bitty .22 cal semi-auto guns from Petar. Before that, he had a tire iron in the car.

What does your character wear?
Blue jeans, cotton button up shirt, cowboy hat, boots, and (of course) his leg brace on his left leg. For formal occations he changes to black jeans and a white shirt.

How do you get news?
B.J. reads the paper (if he can find one thats been thrown away). He listens to country radio stations, and if they have news, he will listen.