Notes for the Second Session

Serious Interogation

Possible additional questioning by The London Beat.

On leaving: loud protest from the girls.
Media surounds you on the way out, and you are followed by some paperazzi.

On arriving: Petar wants to track down those girls, so they can pay for the trip and the damage.

Metaverse Search(es)

Geonome Freedom Fighters

The illegal terrorist organization working to end genetic research and the use of it's results.

Geonome Freedom Project

The legal and PR organization working to end genetic research and the use of it's results.

Girl One

Name: Mitzi Murphy

Girl Two

Name: Moon-Unit

The Money

Finding ____ in a Rover

Milk Run

The next day there is a "milk run" scheduled. The characters just need to show up at Flat Field (The Flat's second string airport) and move some stuff almost litterally down the block to Neon Fish. Timing is very important!

The real goal here is to introduce the characters to Annie, for future plot complications.

This run might be punctuated by a stop and frisk operation.

News on the air: smuggled shotguns.
Two barrels, 5 per mag (selectable). Pump action shotgun.

Break in at Night

On the Trail of the B&Eers.


  • Finger Prints. Obvious fakes. Make and model numbers.
  • Tire Prints. Late model large American car.
  • Some Grainy Photos: Note very distinct, but does show a tatoo on a neck, but not clear what it is. Fish? Salamander? Several small flowers? Going to Tatoo parlors will not help, but there are a bunch you can try.
  • Dropped Tool: B&E tool from some random foriegn country. Not generally available here, but you can go talk to a couple of gangs and one or two shops.

    Gang One: The London Beat

    Gang Two:

    Gang Three:

    Tattoo Shop

    Help from the Enforcers

    They will be able to work with the Tattoo, and find the guys. The StalkerTours can ride along.