Summary of StalkerTours Adventures

Joshua Levy

I suggest that a character keep a log book of what happens, but here is my quicky summary of what happens.

Remember, underlined text is text which should be linked, but I haven't gotten around to it yet, or it is note to me. There are other typo conventions, if you want to read about them.

Cast of Characters

Not done yet.

Session 1

This was the first run for the new Flats StalkerTours franchise. It looked like a milk run, but didn't turn out that way. The customers were a couple of grungy pre-teens, who wanted to track down a mid-level soap star Kizzy Faa (sp?). And I still haven't generated names for the two pre-teens...

So you guys "sadled up" in two rovers and a motorcycle. The customers were both in one rover, but wanted the other to take pictures. They had some really high tech camera equipment (which none of you recongnized), which was mounted on the outside of both rovers.

Ms. Faa obligied, by being exactly where she was supposed to be, and the chase was on.

Things went wrong from about that point on. Ms. Faa never treated it as a fan enounter, she called for armed response immeadiately. Meanwhile, your customers used a cardboard tube to scare the shit out of her. The quickly arriving enforcers (she was right outside the studio lot, and they do have a contract) fired a tear gass grenade through the back window, and into the rover. Luckily the top was down, so it did not have the desired effect. (Tear gas in an enclosed space is such a bummer...)

Right around in here Petar called in to inform you that the customer's credit had evaporated. Also Clay figured out that the "cameras" were, in fact, mini-billboards, and they were displaying the name of an anti-genome science terrorist group.

After that there was a brief car chase, punctuated by a run through a dirt field (which left the Enforcers in the dust :-). The characters made it back to the franchise. Customers tried to drive away, but you stoped them, only to be arrested by a bunch of enforcers.

Have a nice day!

Session Three

The characters starting in three different groups. Most of them were interogated by The Enforcers in individual cells. A few, Vesna, Go Banks, and Tony Lee, were beeped by the receptionist, and eventually sent to the Enforcer's building. The hacker went home and researched what had happened.

a lot is missing...