Go Board's Supplimental Character Sheet

I strongly suggest that as part of character creation you answer the following questions about your character, and write the answers down. They will help you flesh out your character.
Where do you live? And who do you live with?
$10 /night single resident occupancy (SRO) hotel.

How do you get around?
Owns a beat up Van.

What sort of Avatar do you use?
Basic "ken" model.

Do you have a perminant presence in the Metaverse? If so, what sort of presence is it?
No, none.

What job do you have, or how do you make money?
Stalker Tours motorcycle outrider and general go-pher

What sort of money do you have (both on-hand in access to)?
A few hundred in cash, no financial reserves.

What sort of weapons do you have (both on-hand and access to)?
Staff: screw together pool cue. (fake)

What does your character wear?
Grunge, 2nd hand.

How do you get news?
Sports magazines on surfing, karate, or running & gossip.