GURPS/Snowcrash: Stalker Tours Campaign,
Introduction for Players

Joshua Levy

Notes for Players

Characters in this campaign will either be employees of StalkerTours, Inc., or close friends of such employees. Also, characters who do not work directly for StalkerTours, should work for a group known to the GM (KZERO, The London Beat, KZERO's friend gang, etc.)

StalkterTours is a sort of Urban Safari operation, where customers go out looking for the rich and famous (or infamous). You can think of it as a "paparazzi ride along", or a "rent a stalkerazzi", if you want.

StalkerTour crews are generally 1-3 "driver/guides", one "spotter" and (on a busy day) a "dispatcher". Generally, there will be a one to three cars (called "rovers") out on any run. Spotters ride motorcycles.

The great thing (from a character point of view) is that as long as you have one or two useful skills, it doesn't matter what else you know. You could have a PhD chemist (post burnout) working as a driver, or anything else. My advice is to design the character you want to play, and work it into the crew later.

If you are just joining for one adventure, then you will likely be someone who has hired a stalker tour.

There are a bunch of character ideas.

In general, characters should not come from a rich background, unless they are leaving that all behind.

Required Skills

All StalkerTours employees will have at least 10 in a driving skill, 10 in a mechanical repair type skill, a 10 in Area Knowledge (Local Roads) and a skill in Administration (Franchise Operations). Drivers will have much higher driving skill, others will tend to have Area Knowledge (Media Stars) type skills.

The administration skill should be at least 8 for entry level franchise workers, 10 for more seasoned frachise workers, 12 for supervisors and team leaders, and higher than that for owners, managers, etc.

Notes for Characters

You work for StalkerTours. This is the third unit of the francise to be set up. The first two are in Los Angels and New York. The next two are planned for Bollywood and Australia {where?}. The owner of the local francise is Petar D... [GCM][TXT].

StalkerTours puts all employees through a one month training program (which is unusually long for a franchise). Therefore, the prefer stable riff-raff, as opposed to the cheap stiffs favored by most franchises. There is one week of teaching and testing the worker's exact jobs, one week of teaching them the jobs of everyone else, and two weeks of on the job apprentacing.


Below are links to the characters we're using:

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Surfer Dude [HTM][TXT] [GCA]

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Vesna [GCM][TXT]


Some quotes to get you in the mood...

We'll get you, babe... Widely distributed quote from Sony Bono, while trying to pass anti-paperazzi laws.

Deal With The Devil doesn't have a buyout clause. The general response from the media.

Introductions for Follow on Sessions

Session Two

The next session will open with you sitting in a bunch of interrogation chambers in Enforcer-Central for The Flats. Each of you in his/her own cell. You all lost 2 HT thanks to that trademarked Enforcer treatment on the way in. All your electronics have been impounded, along with the weapons from the vehicles. Anyone who wants to resist is free to do so. Lose 1 HT each time. :-)

Players who were not there for last week's playing will also start out at Enforcer-Central, trying to bail out the crew.

Session Three

The third session will start out as you get ready for your next morning run, which is supposed to be a real milk run.

Remember: most of you are -2 to ST, IQ, DX, and HT due to lack of sleep.