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Creating a Supplimental Character Sheet

This page creates a "supplimental character sheet" for any gaming system. Game systems include character sheets which contain all the information required to run the mechanics parts of the game, but often lack information on the character's background, modivations, goals, etc. The supplimental character sheet created here can be tacted on to almost any character sheet to included this information. Just answer the questions about the layout you want, and select the questions you would like on your sheet, and your HTML page will be created. Save it, and use it as a template.

Supplimental Character Sheet Layout

Default Number of Columns:
Default Number of Rows/Question:

Questions for your Supplimental Character Sheet

Short Name

Click on the boxes below, if you want to add the question to your supplimental character sheet. You can also change the amount of space set aside for the question and answer, by changing the columns and row information on the right. Remember that "columns" means the number of columns on the page, so 1 is the widest, 2 is half that size, 3 is a third, and so on.

There are often two or three different versions of the same question. Use the one which fits your world the best!

The sc "group" consists of the questions I used to flesh out the characters in my GURPS/Snowcrash world.

Add? Question to add to sheet. Groups Columns Rows

Add New Questions to the List!

If you've got some questions which you think would work well on a supplimental character sheet, just type them in below, and click on the button! I'll reivew them, and if they fit well, I'll add them to the list in a week or so. This is your chance to help fellow GMs: suggest questions.