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by Joshua Levy

April-26-1999: Nonindigenous fishes within the USA

A lot of these fishes are livebearers. Search through the text to find out that Ameca spelendens was found in Nevada, and a Limia now lives in Oahu. Search by latin name to learn more.

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April-12-1999: Learn about the Business of Livebearers (at least in Florida)

Official data on the economic importance of livebearers in Florida.


Obviously controversial.
Read about why many some people believe inbreeding is better for some species of fishes. Also, check out the rest of the web site, which has lots more stuff on it.

Mar-22-1999: Desert Fishes Council

One of my favorite fish sites on the net.
Most livebearers are desert fishes, and this site has basic, information, distribution maps, photos, and much more on these fish. Fully exploring this site will take you more than a week, so get on it!


This paper is the official naming of the Zoogoneticus tequila, which was previously known as the Crecent Zoe. The link has great pictures, and if you have an Acrobat reader, you can read the paper.


We're used to looking at livebearing fishes as pets, but they have also been important as experimental animals in cancer research. This page is by a cancer researcher and contains a very different outlook on Xiphophorous fishes.

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