GURPS/Snowcrash: Introduction


What is this?

These pages are a constantly improving world book for the GURPS role playing system.
This world book is based on the book Snowcrash, by Neal Stephenson.

How you can help.

This project needs help. That should be obvious :-) And you can help. If you want a GURPS/Snowcrash world, you should help. Just to make that easy, I've created a page which contains how you can best help. So go there.

Where to go from here.

Where you go depends on where you want to go. Here are some places for you to go:

Description of the World

One of the huge strengths of Snowcrash is the world. Realistic, yet fun; interesting, playable, it is everything a player or GM could want. It is described here.

Character Creation Guidelines

If you want to play, you need to create a character. This page tells you have. You might also want to take a look at the new skills / advantages / disadvantages. Or some sample characters.

Info for the GM

If you want to run in this world, you should start reading here.


I've tried to write down why I've done things the way I have. You can read them, and agree or disagree, but at least you will understand why.

Frequently Asked/Answered Questions

Q1: Will this stuff ever be published?

A1: Probably not. For at least three reasons: 1. SJG rarely publishes worldbooks based on fiction, because they don't sell well. 2. There would be licensing problems with Neal Stephonson and/or his publisher. 3. I'm not that good a writer.