Darrel's AD&D World

This is the semi-official home page of Darrel Strom's Restenford AD&D world. These pages are owned by Joshua Levy .

House Rules

We have some standard house rules which you should read. These are updated every now and then. The last update was May 26, 1999. Note that we play AD&D first edition (mostly). This is not by design so much as those are the books that most of us have.

World Description

These pages describe the "world" of Restenford. They are cannon. Players can rely on these pages to accurately describe the world (at least when written).

Mom's Bar. Every adventuring town needs a really good bar.

Army Organization.

World history.

Local government.

People in the world.

The Adventurers

Bedris: A sketch.

Biron: A sketch.

Deuwaindell: (AKA D'wal) A sketch.

Kelle': A sketch.

Thomas: A sketch.

Thurston: A sketch.

As there is more on-line information on the characters, I will add it here.

Previous Adventures

There have been three adventures, but I only have the introductory write up for the last one:

Setup for adventure 1.

Setup for adventure 2.

Setup for adventure 3.

The quick summary, is that we've been drafted into the KGB (which is better than being drafted into the Army). Setup for adventure 4.

There is a sort of postscript to the last adventure, and then a setup for adventure 5.

Biron is a bard, and has written a couple of songs of the adventures: Biron's First Four Songs, and Yesterday.

D'wal keeps a journal. The first six section are entitled Wagons Ho, and consern a slightly different group of people. (Thomas and Biron were not there, but Klor and Rats were.) one, two, three, four, five, six. The next part of the journal is called "Fetching the Dingus" or something like that: Fetching the Dingus.

Shared Files

Files listed here (if any) are just here to be shared amoung the players and GM. They might be drafts, or notes, or something similar. Don't take them too seriously.

Right now, there are none.